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AMMP Scholarship

Each year AMMP members are eligible to apply for scholarships to assist in their pursuit of degrees and other relevant training at colleges and universities.

The scholarship program is one more way AMMP can help its members to get the education and training they need to broaden their skills and advance in their careers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Current employees of Partners and MGH are eligible to compete for scholarship awards.

To be considered for an AMMP scholarship, you must be an AMMP member at least three months before the scholarship deadline.  We encourage employees who are interested in ongoing professional development programming as well as the scholarship opportunity to join AMMP well before the deadlines in order to take advantage of all of the opportunities that AMMP has to offer year round.

The 2015 AMMP Scholarship will be uploaded soon.

Please contact Evelyn Abayaah if you are interested in becoming a member of AMMP.

Scholarship Application Change
As of October 2010, previous Scholarship awardees that are re-applying for the AMMP scholarship will no longer be required to submit a 5-page essay. Instead, they will only be required to submit a 2-page updated summary of their educational journey since receiving their last award.

AMMP Scholarship FAQ’s

What is the process for MGH employees who want to apply for the AMMP Scholarship?

Is there an AMMP Membership Application deadline?

What time of the year can members apply for the AMMP Scholarship?

When is the Scholarship Application available?

Recipients of the 2013 AMMP Scholarship

Khristel Cherismo
Tirza Martinez
Abdul Musanur
Jennifer Nunes
Karima Ricketts
Sandra Thomas

Click here to view the names of previous recipients.