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Referrals or inquiries for admission can be made by contacting the Admissions Coordinator at 617-724-9110. The Admissions Coordinator can address any questions regarding admission, and will assemble clinical information for review by the admissions committee. Admissions are reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee on a daily basis.

Treatment Options

Focusing on the interface between psychiatry and medicine, the initial evaluation is undertaken to rule out medical causes of psychiatric conditions and often makes use of a number of medical studies (such as MRI, EEG, PET scan). Other aspects of a patientís presentation, including medical, psychiatric, family and psychosocial components, will also be assessed during the comprehensive diagnostic work-up.

Once a psychiatric diagnosis has been established, psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic recommendations tailored to your condition will be made. Based on individual needs, treatment options may include psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, individual therapy, group therapy, milieu-based treatments, sensory interventions, and/or somatic therapies. Additionally, patients on Blake 11 have access to other newer somatic treatments, such as ultra-brief pulse electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and vagus nerve stimulation (VNS).

Education about your illness (both for you and your family) are an important aspect of your treatment at MGH. The biological and genetic factors contributing to your diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed during the hospital stay. Many leave the service with an increased ability to care for themselves but most do not feel 100% better upon discharge. Many continue to receive ongoing psychiatric treatment in an outpatient setting.

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