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Who We Are

The Inpatient Psychiatric Service (IPS) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is a state of the art 24 bed locked medical psychiatric unit. The IPS is the exclusive inpatient unit for the MGH Department of Psychiatry. The MGH Psychiatry Department has had the honor of being ranked number one in the country by US News and World Report for the past 10 years. The Inpatient Psychiatric Service specializes in caring for complex and severely ill psychiatric patients who often have a co-morbid major medical illness. The operation and organization of the Inpatient Psychiatric Service is guided by the hospital's overall mission to provide excellent medical care for all patients, training the future leaders of health care and conducting meaningful research into the causes and treatment of serious illness.

The service is lead by Lawrence Park, MD, the Medical Director, John Matthews, MD, the Director of Research and Training, and Robin Lipkis-Orlando, RN, MSN, the Nurse Manager. Service staff include Jeff Huffman, MD, a staff psychiatrist with expertise in mood disorders and cardiac illness, and Michelle Jacobo, Ph.D., a bi-lingual psychologist who serves at the director of the MGH Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program. Another unique feature of the Inpatient Psychiatric Service is the number of Masters level nurses employed on the unit. The presence of such highly trained professional nurses increases the quality of care provided to patients and enhances the unit's ability to treat severely ill medical/psychiatric patients. Christina Gulliver is a Clinical Nurse specialist with prescriptive authority.

What We Do

As a general psychiatric service, the MGH's Inpatient Psychiatric Service provides care for a wide range of patients. With over 600 admissions a year the unit routinely treats many interesting and unusual patients. Overall, severely depressed patients make up about 40 percent of all admissions, while bipolar and psychotic patients each represent about 15 percent of the admissions. In addition, the Inpatient Psychiatric Service also treats a significant number of patients with eating disorders, OCD, as well as patients with dementia and delirium. The patients treated at the Inpatient Psychiatric Service range in age from 19 and above. With the unit treating a substantial number of geriatric patients each year, staff have developed insights into the special needs for this increasingly important patient population. The IPS has a unique ability to provide specialized care for psychiatric patients who have a CO-morbid medical illness. Psychiatric patients suffering from HIV, neurological conditions (i.e.: strokes, tumors, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease), cancer and diabetes are commonly treated on the unit.

What Type of Experience We Can Offer

Massachusetts General Hospital's inpatient psychiatric service is an exciting, diverse and fast paced facility providing state-of-the-art care to a wide range of patients. This environment offers a unique opportunity for learning about the science and art of modern inpatient care.

We provide two forms of educational experiences. For one to three individuals we offer a daylong preceptorship, the core feature of which includes shadowing the unit medical director during his daily activities. This educational process provides a first hand understanding of the varied activities engaged in by inpatient psychiatrists. The shadowing experience is supplemented by individual question and answer sessions with the medical director and other unit staff.

The second education service that we offer is a formal daylong seminar series for up to 10 individuals. This daylong program takes place in the conference room of the Inpatient Psychiatric Service with its lovely view of the Charles River. The program runs from 8:30am - 5:00pm and features five or more informative lectures covering a range of topics related to inpatient psychiatric care. Members of the Psychiatric staff provide the lectures. In addition to the informative lectures, participants can observe a live clinical interview of a patient and later discuss the interview with a staff member. Inpatient Psychiatric staff are also available for informal question and answer periods during the morning and afternoon breaks and at lunchtime. You are invited to review our list of possible topics to design a seminar maximally beneficial to their needs.

More Information

If you would like to arrange a preceptorship experience or if you have questions regarding these educational services, please call Lawrence Park, MD at (617) 724-9144.

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