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How does the process of hospitalization occur?
Patients need to be referred by a clinician who has performed an evaluation and decided that an inpatient admission is necessary. The admissions coordinator takes referrals for admission at (617) 724-9110.

What kind of unit is it?
The Inpatient Psychiatric Service on Blake 11 is a 24 bed locked adult psychiatric unit, which has the capability of providing medical care as needed. The unit is located at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Will I have a private room?
Rooms are assigned based upon the clinical needs of the patient. While we do our best to accommodate the care needs of patients, private rooms are reserved for those patients requiring intensive psychiatric or medical supervision.

How many patients are on the unit?
The Inpatient Service has the capacity to have 24 patients at a time. The unit is usually at full capacity.

What is the age and diagnosis of patients on the unit?
Patients age 19 and above are admitted to the Inpatient Psychiatric Service. The diagnosis vary and can include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders. Patients can have medical care needs such as cardiac monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, dialysis, and may require additional therapies such as physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Can I smoke?
No. We ask that you observe the smoke free status of the hospital. Medications can be prescribed to minimize symptoms of withdrawal.

Can I have visitors?
Patients have the right to receive visitors daily at reasonable times. We encourage visiting between 2pm - 8pm. Visits should not interfere with groups or other therapies that have been scheduled for you. Visitors are limited to no more than 4 at any given time.

Are children allowed on the unit?
Children over the age of 12 are allowed to visit on the unit. A room outside the locked patient care area will be made available for supervised visits with younger children after determination of safety by the team.

Will my outpatient treators be involved in my treatment?
Your outpatient psychiatrist, therapist, primary care physician are an important part of your treatment. With your consent we will involve them in your care while you are on the inpatient unit.

Is it a locked unit?
The Inpatient Unit on Blake 11 is the only psychiatric inpatient unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. It is a locked unit.

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

Patients are encouraged to dress in their regular clothes. We discourage any clothing that is over exposing. Patients are expected to be dressed after breakfast and remain dressed until 9pm. All patients should wear shoes or slippers and a hospital identification bracelet.

Patients are expected to attend to grooming and hygiene and keep their rooms free from clutter. Per hospital safety and fire codes, personal TV's, radios, and other electrical appliances are not allowed on the unit. All sharp objects must be kept in a locked place at the nursing station.

What can my visitors bring in for me when they visit?
Visitors are encouraged to bring flowers (in a non-glass container), books, magazines, candy, toiletries, and lotion. Things that should be considered when bringing gifts to the inpatient service; items, which are restricted from the unit, include glass objects, sharp objects, plastic bags, over the counter medications, alcohol, and electrical appliances. There is a kitchen area for patient use with a refrigerator for storage of items.

How long do I stay?
On average, patients remain for ten days. This varies depending on the severity of illness, diagnosis, and treatment.

Will my insurance pay for my stay?
The Inpatient Service on Blake 11 accepts Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and HMO insurances. Patients should call for clarification of individual insurance plans. The behavioral/mental health care number located on most insurance cards is a resource to clarify whether Massachusetts General Hospital is a participating hospital for their individual insurance plan.

Will my psychiatric hospitalization become part of the main medical record?
Your hospitalization will become part of your medical record. However, you would have to sign specific releases before medical records could release information regarding your care.

Will I have students working with me while I am hospitalized?

The Inpatient Psychiatric Service is part of MGH, which is an academic institution. There are students in training from various professions (medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, social service, etc).

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