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The Inpatient Psychiatric Service (IPS), located at Massachusetts General Hospital, is a 24-bed short-term secure medical psychiatric unit. Our service is licensed to treat adults 19 years and older who require psychiatric treatment in an acute inpatient setting. Given our location in a general hospital setting, access to many of the world’s experts in medical and surgical specialties, and the advanced training of our own staff, we are able to provide concurrent treatment of psychiatric disorders and co-existing medical conditions. In addition, our unit serves as a site of clinical research within the Department of Psychiatry, investigating and offering access to cutting edge psychiatric interventions.

Our treatment philosophy is to provide optimal clinical services, integrating state of the art neurobiological knowledge with sophisticated psychotherapeutic techniques. The treatment team is made up of highly specialized mental health professionals who will perform comprehensive and accurate diagnostic evaluations, and recommend and initiate therapeutic interventions. It is our belief that each individual be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. With the involvement of the individual and his/her family, we aim to tailor a treatment plan that offers optimal care to each patient.

Lawrence Park, MD

Medical Director
Massachusetts General Hospital
15 Parkman Street, Warren 12
Boston, MA 02114

Elaine Pugliese
Administrative Assistant
Massachusetts General Hospital
15 Parkman Street, Warren 1220
Boston, MA 02114

Tel: (617) 724-9110, Fax: (617) 724-9155

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