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The Addiction Recovery Management Service, offered by the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO), provides rapid access to information and support combined with outreach and care management for youth aged 15 - 25 and their families suffering from substance-related problems. ARMS supplements the traditional inpatient and outpatient continuum and bridges the gaps in disjointed systems of treatment with leading expertise and high quality care management. Building on the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) medical, clinical, and addiction research resources within the MGH Center for Addiction Medicine, ARMS facilitates comprehensive, research-informed, care maximizing the chances for youth recovery.

Thank you to everyone who attended our ARMS Around Education Fall Symposium. Over 150 school and college educators, administrators, and mental health professionals joined our staff for an afternoon of information, education, and networking. See News and Events page for more information on the symposium.

See News & Events page for more information on the Parent Support Group.


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